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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  June 3, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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transported to the correctional facility is being booked and processed. i asked for judge lester's order. he will be held on a no bond status. >> zimmerman is back in jail on a no bond stant tus pending a bond hearing. the revcation of his fail if he takes the witness stand like he did last time he could be asked why he let his wife lie about their family finances telling the court they were flat broke at a time they collected at least 155,000 dollars in cash donations on their web site. the judge is angry. >> he let his wife testify falsely before the court in the answer to that hearing about money controversy. he allowed his attorney to stand up and make misrepresentations
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and also the court. it is the circumstances at this time we have the statement of his status. >> the possible perjury he is the only surviving eyewitness to the fatal encounter he darn nished credibility is likely to increase his legal peril in the murder trial. why should jurors believe known liar? >> jurors are finding that george zimmerman was dishonest is very important because his credibility is the most important thing in this entire case. remember it is only george zimmerman's testimony that says trayvon martin attacked him. >> later in the show i will
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spell out the considerable consequences of this major set back for a defense that has been riding high as the release of sympathetic witness testimony that seems to show zimmerman did in fact act in self defense an argument made more persuasive by photo and video evidence paventing a more accurate picture of what trayvon really looked like on the rainy night the neighborhood watch captain killed him. raining in london today but the story far more pleasant ladies and gentlemen. it is queen elizabeth's 60th anniversary her diamond jubilee. million spectators lined the banks for the river. ten's of more watched on television. the royal pageant confirmed britain's love of their 86-year-old monarch who shined through the globe has been remarkable. >> we are in london covering the queen's diamond jubilee which in
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and of itself was an extraordinary ex spur yens. only one other monarch had 16 years on the british thrown back in 1987. queen elizabeth the second took the thrown when she was 25 years old. she spent the last 60 years serving her country. whether my life be short or long i will serve the country until her last breath basically. today she has been in fine form. 86 years old standing right up front at the spirit of the royal barge. her husband prince philip the duke of he had enborough next to her. with them is prince charles and camilla. the world famous couple prince william and wife kate who married about a year ago. prince harry was with the royal family as well. it has been an extraordinary event. a thousand ships. they had to basically barrier off the river to get it to slow at one mile an hour so the ships would not knock into each other
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as they traveled down this extraordinary historic river. it has been quite a day. it has been quite a year. they have engineered a fairly remarkable public relations turn around over the course of the last few years after the dark days of the death of princess diana and all of the divorce that was aired in a public way for the royal family. the key to turn things arounded the past year the wedding of william and katherine and also with tremendous jubilee with the olympics coming. the event in london is the beginning of the jubilee. it does mark a very bright moment over all with reality here in london. geraldo, back to you. >> thanks. i think you under state how grim that weather was and people smiled through the gloom. may not be a faball of fire whe it comes to personality but no one can say the heir to the british thrown isnne isn't patid
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loyal. >> his amazing record to tradition and dedication, commitment but each year you do the same. it is reassurance that it is perhaps a little more timeless than other things which change all of the time. >> pick up the pace there. perfectly nice guy, but he's a little on the dull side. the general nation shift maybe that's why people are enamored with the royals again. it's about william and his beautiful bride the dutches of cambridge. louise parker of "people" magazine and british tv correspondent ador o olay.
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>> thank you for having me. >> is it still raining? >> not at the moment. it was pretty damp today. it wouldn't dampen anybody's spirit. >> they always say that. it's a nice thing to say. o it is a grand ceremony also but it looked awful. looked like it was really pouring and cold and windy. when i take my mom out in florida we go to an outdoor restaurant it's a little chilly i want to get her inside. she is only a few years older than the queen. how did she hold up in that bad weather? >> the queen is absolutely professional. she has to handle a lot of engagements of the she is absolutely professional. 2 million people were out to see her lined the banks. she looked sliefkz having an absolutely fabulous time. she was accompanied her husband and other members of the royal family. it was a real fantastic day.
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it was great to see red, white and blue young and old. everybody celebrating. we were thrilled. >> the whole family was there seems like. i have never seen all three generations rarely all together. >> a long time ago the families were together. the duke is in his early 90s. obviously couple of the moment the duke and dutches of cambridge. it was a real spec cal to the people who came out to see. it was fantastic. >> why was this one the biggest than the 650th. really the 50th is when people let their hair down and celebrate. that one was much more somber. this one much more celebratory. >> two reasons for that really. the first is it was done she lost her mother and only sister
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in the months before the jubilee celebration. it was a sad affair. 60 years as you pointed out queen victoria raw celebrated 60. it is really a once in a lifetime almost twice in a thousand years celebration. the queen victoria yaw was queen elizabeth's great grandmother? >> that's right, yes. it is very unlikely we will see it again until possibly prince william either child or grandchild perhaps down the line. a long wait. >> lived part of the time in los angeles where something was built in the 1960s. this last time they had it in the procession like this was 350 years ago? >> there have been several.
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also the queen -- this is certainly the biggest pageant we have seen the big screen the fireworks. it was a true speckle. >> any more talk of charles stepping aside and letting william follow his grandmother queen elizabeth the second? >> we know charles will follow the queen the question is how long will he stay on the throne? my thinking is he will be there for the duration. he has spent his entire life waiting for the job why would he advocate? >> the queen might last longer than her mom did and she went to 101. >> in the er8ly 90d. i think she has a good few years in her left. thank you louise parker. thank you ladies very much. god save the queen. remember when the young man from
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connecticut george smith disappeared over board on this honeymoon cruise back in 2005, his mom and his sister are here to tell us they think they know who murdered him. up next do you believe the confession in the nation's most notorious child kidnapping and murder case. john walsh on your left bow diesel on your right. na, her loy teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ]
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>> the stunning news of a confession in the 34-year-old disappearance of etan patz stunned the city. new york changed dramatically as manson murders changed los angeles was finally solved with the confession of a 51-year-old man. the problem is many don't believe his confession. >> may 25th 1959, 6-year-old etan patz walked from his soho apartment to a bus stop and vanished becoming one of the
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most famous missing persons cases in america. now someone has come forward to confess but a lot of people are skeptical. >> you have been investigating this case, your nypd, former nypd investigator what do you think about this confession? >> very leery wiabout the confession. >> nearly 33 years to the day etan vanished polithey announce major break through in the infamous cold case. after excavating a building in search of fresh evidence cops got a tip that brought in pedro hernandez who told investigators he strangled etan after luring him to the basement of a bodega that once stood on this corner with the promise of a soda. wrapped in a garbage bag he hid him in a freezer and dumped him days later in the trash days away. >> the problem with the confession i see one of the main
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things he did confess to is that he picked up etan by the bus stop. that's almost a major miracle because etan then would have been the first child at the bus stop. >> you are saying no witnesses came forward to say they saw etan at the bus stop? >> there were no witnesses. >> when i heard the comment about this my brother confessed in church about he abduct add little boy and put him in the trash. as soon as i heard that i went to the police. >> they claim to have gone to the police years ago when he mentioned doing bad things to a little boy. they say police never followed up. >> i wasn't there it was a long time ago. it's very difficult to say. >> why are we raying him now? because he gave us and i think the police commissioner said he has information that nobody else would have. the problem that i see with that
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is there is no crime scene there was no body. what information could he be giving them. >> according to his lawyer fernandez has a long psychiatric history. he hears voices and has h hallucinatio hallucinations. a red flag to this former detective. >> because of his mental disabilities it only took three hours, three and a half hours to get a confession. that still leads me to believe it can be a false confession. >> you believe that because of this man's mental state diagnosed schizophrenic bipolar he implicated himself based upon the information he was being fed by the police? >> definitely. >> without cooperatie -- coop brating evidence something difficult to obtain over years the co founder of false confessions are warned against accepting his confession so quickly. >> in new rk state all of the wrongful conditions overturned close to 50 percent involved a false confession. nationally over close to 60
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percent of all murder wrongful convictions involve a false confession. >> we know about other high profile cases the lindbergh case 100 people came forward. jonbenet ramsey we know about the crazy guy that came forward and proven through dna he was not the person. what other cases do you know of? >> we have the case i worked on convicted basically to two 50 year life sentences for the murder of his parents. it was a false confession within 24-hours practically. there was not one thing in the crime scene. he was raised for killing his parents. today marty is in law school. >> when did he tell you about why he confessed? >> exactly the same thing i told you. he just -- they beat me. they mentally broke me down. >> ken rupo a former fbi agent who worked on the case for five years between 82 and 87.
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he confirmed the place where he worked was a place etan frequented. etan's father went there asking questions about his son that morning the child was supposed to go there for a soda. he says hernandez was never on their radar. he would like it to be the guy but an agent says the confession didn't hold water. >> he doesn't think it can end it, huh? >> he doesn't. >> get better brother. sounds like you are under the weather. >> i have the flu. >> take a day off. >> they think the confession doesn't hold water. what does john walsh think about the hernandez confession? on what does beau detroiietl thinkt the confession? in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin. ♪
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>> the new york city police department is announcing the arrest of pedro hernandez for the murder of etan patz. he has confessed to choking etan 33 years ago tomorrow in the basement of a bodega in manhattan. he told a family member and others that he had quote done a bad thing and killed a child in new york. that last sentence right there when the commissioner mentioned he told somebody that he had done a bad thing to a child in new york that's where pedro hernandez confessed before to killing etan patz. it is believable it is still not
10:23 pm
speaking of the crime. they needed some kind of. the recent developments muss be torturing etan patz' poor parents just like john anded his wife suffered for 27 years before the killer of their only son adam was caught. i appreciate you coming out for us tonight. you want to talk about how every time those developments in your own case was like your wife describing as a scab someone tearing off your bodies? >> you are right geraldo. it is a nightmare roller-coaster ride. as you mentioned it took 27 years to solve that. the guy who killed adam his laurie can'ted. every time you think that chapter, and there is no such thing as closure.
10:24 pm
you will always be the parent of a murdered child. you will always have had your heart ripped out. it is a wound that scabs over and different things crack it open and make it bleed. you don't die but you are dying of a broken heart. we have gone on that roller-coaster ride. i know the pats' and they believed their ride was over when a guy named jose ramos was convicted in a civil court and the pats' did a civil court like the browns and goldman's did against o.j. simpson. that judge declare this had guy jose ramos as the killer of etan patz they thought that ended in 2004. now i don't know if the pacers believe pedro hernandez killed etan. i believe they believe this guy ramos did. they have asked the press to leave them alone.
10:25 pm
>> they have asked the press to leave them line because they don't know the answer. my own personal decision is they believe the case is settled and hernandez is just telling them to bring attention to themselves because the schizophrenic with bipolar disorder. he was a super competent. they want more with john and bo coming on. the swift family the honeymoon cruise disappearance of their son. he will debate you that the latest involvement in -- in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed when approaching slower traffic. and for the blind spot monitoring
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>> i am marianne rafferty. iran supreme leader ayatollah khomeini says he will be met with lightening response. he told a crowd that international sanctions will enrage the iranian people. they call the secret weapons programs lies. hillary clinton responded to the statements urging iran to start working toward a diplomatic solution. game show host richard dawson died. he has been battling esophageal cancer. he hosted family feud for nine years beginning in 1976. he played one of the allies in
10:30 pm
hogan's heros. he was also on laugh in and dick vandyke show. he was 79 years old. i am marianne rafferty now back to geraldo at large. log on to (inaudible) >> that's the sister of pedro hernandez the now 51-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic who confessed to the murder of the missing child would wouldn't be first in the country to appear on america's milk carton setting in motion a movement the way america cares for our youngsters certainly cares for our missing youngsters but continuing with john walsh of america's most wanted and on the right bo dietl. the thing about pedro hernandez i scoffed at it but you have ray
10:31 pm
kelly but also he did work at the bodega. he was at the place. he could have done it. >> let's not take this away. he made admissions about killing etan. he's not a convicted child molester. what was the motive? there is no motive yet. if i am questioning you for four-hours on how you killed somebody i would say wait you don't like little boys the way they spiel? what did you get hurt when you were little? why did you string angle that k. i would get a motive. he mentioned about going taking the bodies to a bodega. >> i know for a fact that i have been to a lot of bodegas and they don't put that to open up walking blocks. everything is on the first floor. he had to walk that child into
10:32 pm
that bodega was there other witnesses seeing him there who worked it who owned it. all i am saying is why rush? take time with this thing. >> the district attorney in manhattan county. >> i believe that. this happens to be developed more. let's prove it some more. being a former detective show me motive. tell me. i liked the way the little boy smiles i don't like the way little boys drink soda. why did you strangle him? you have to give me a motive. >> what do you do from here on with this case? >> well, first of all ray kelly is a personal friend of mine. he's a great cop. maybe not the best commissioner ever. he is a great detective. they must feel very, very sure to bring this to a da. i agree with bo.
10:33 pm
i have known bo for years. i hope and pray this can end the chapter. i ask this question, is he ready to make a deal? what if he makes a deal? will they close the case? what if he doesn't make the deal? it will be a very difficult trial. it will be a nightmare for the bases. they 4r6 a hard ti-- they will hard time building this case. i have been involved in hundreds and hundreds of missing child cases. we have 1200 guys on america's most wanted many of them child murders. only one case do i know of in the 25 years i have been doing it have they been able to convict somebody for the abduction and murder of a child with mno body. it will be really tough if it goes to trial. >> john, the palm sunday massacre where we had 10 dead in new york. we had a guy for a week that
10:34 pm
told us all about the shooting. we found out he was lying to us. i said why would you make statements like that? he wanted to be part of the story. if he is bipolar and schizophrenic. i was a cop and detective at the time. this guy here may have put it in his mind he was part of it. it was such a big story. he may have dreamt he was part of it. he may have believed that. when you get someone that believes that, i have murderers where they believe they didn't do it any more. they will take a lie detector test they believe they did it. i disagree with you also. the police commissioner i hope we got the right person. hopefully know what we are doing. hope we are able to convict this guy. >> i have got to leave it be. i appreciate you coming out tonight john thank you. why don't you hang around? now to the crime time and friem
10:35 pm
time alert. is there a break through of another notorious missing person's case that of a connecticut man the young man who disappeared on his honeymoon cruise newly surfaced evidence has some speculating in it the george smith case about the russian mob. first let's go to the vault. >> george allen smith the 4th and jennifer hayden dream couple newlyweds with a lifetime ahead of them. all of that changed halfway through their honeymoon. the handsome young groom vanished over board after a night of drinking and gambling. the next morning a sploch of blood beneath the smith's cap bin. no evidence of where he went but no ed how he got there. was he pushed over or did he jump? >> the 20-year-old california college kid named josh afghan who was on his ship with the family. >> did your gun have anything to
10:36 pm
do with t-- did your son have anything to do with the disappearance of george smith? >> absolutely not. >> the family nightmare began on the last day of george smith's life. the evening of july 4th, 2005. josh was in a casino with george. three young men of russian origin from brooklyn. they were known as the russians were also there. after the casino closes they all head to the disco. georgianed jennifer get into a fight at the disco. some say after shouting she kicks george. all agree the young people were all noticeably drunk and jennifer storms out. george continues drinking heavily and get so drunk he is unable to walk. josh and the three russian boys say they helped him back to his cabin. when they discovered jennifer
10:37 pm
was not in their cabin the five boys went looking for her with no luck. they returned they put george to bed and leave. >> it is 8:45 on the morning of july 5th, 2005, and george smith is missing. his bride was found passed out in one of the ship's corridors and returned to her room by staff around 5:00 a.m. says she has no idea where her new husband is. >> they said he was missing and i said -- i asked them, what are you doing about it? they said we are conducting a search right now. i went up to the 9th flar to see what was going on with the search. you know what i saw? no sign of a search. josh and the russian boy are hearded into the shapes lobby.
10:38 pm
explain how they took george back to the room and she hasnwa there. >> the boys had no chance to take care of themselves. >> tell me what's about to happen. >> they say they found blood on the canopy outside of the room. >> one of the russian boy's reaction. >> this is the first time rusty hears there is blood on the awning. >> yes. >> why? >> look at his reaction. >> george smith brother more reason or sister brie believe this fellow rusty or russian friends have anything to do with his disappearance.
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>> back live with breanned more reason smith. the sfr of connecticut newlywed of george smith who disappeared from his cruise ship on his honeymoon. also joining us michael jones their attorney. bo is hanging in i have questions for him. they reached out to the russian boys. it is a significant role in this
10:43 pm
mystery. michael jones p about a new video that has surfaced that is very dramatic. it is more meaningful than heavy until now. >> they were taking the afternoon of the morning july 5th, 2005. it has been explained to me they passed the cammed raw aurned and looks like a lunch table. one of the boys stands up and make a self incriminating statement. you know what it sounds like? it sounds like the preppie murderer robert chambers when he made the video twisting on the bobble head doll. who has the video? >> the fbi has the video. what is on it would explain in
10:44 pm
detail. it would explain in detail about it. what happened in the deposition? >> run of the russians and josh asking the california boy his deposition for 40 minutes he took the 5th amendment. >> the kid whose father was fending him. >> they took the 5th when all of the questions were asked which is unusual behavior. if you kill george smith they take the 5th. >> i have to get to mom and sis. >> there were some polygraphs taken by the fbi. josh's lawyer says josh afghan failed his polygraph. >> he fail it had. >> the russian kids? >> greg rosenberg in his deposition he talked about the polygraph he admitted he failed as well. he claimed it was due to the fact he had some sort of
10:45 pm
disorder. >> i think it is a botched robbery, grand cover up right at the very beginning. that is why we are sitting here 7 years later. >> the blood on the awning would it cause injury to leave the kind of blood skidded on the awning directly below? >> we found out there was also blood on the bed which was my son's. >> right on the bed as well. >> indicating trauma? >> indicating something happened before he went over board. >> are you satisfied, bri, that your sister-in-law jennifer is absolutely innocent of any wrong doing in this? >> it is my understanding the fbi has cleared jennifer. >> she is cleared. >> you say that some what reluctantly. almost be grudgingly? >> i think we are disappointed jennifer didn't help us fight for answers.
10:46 pm
perhaps that's why you sense that in my tone. >> you have new evidence apparently. are you hopeful there would be a resolution to this or will it be enduring mysteries? >> hopeful because this is one piece of the puzzle. we have substantial evidence in addition to the videotape. i think that now with the additional video we are one step closer to finding out what happened with george. >> what would you like the fbi to do from here on? >> geraldo he says they have room service as an alibi. their alibis there was no room service delivered to the room at the time they said he was going
10:47 pm
arounded the ship saying that's what saved them. royal caribbean in the settlement papers said they did not deliver there because of their attitudes. >> you think it was a robbery gone wrong and they killed him to cover up their crime? >> right. you saw there was some extreme drinking there were 50,000 dollars or something, $200 hands of poker. if the young man did drink that heavily passed out they were in the room trying to find money or whatever chips that would be a motive for them to beat them all. he gets up to defend himself. they end up killing them off of the ship there. with that also you have four different individuals there.
10:48 pm
there leaving any evidence behind they could be involved in a conspiracy even if they didn't do the actual beating up and throwing the guy off. if we could get one of those guys to give the truth you could make an arrest. the problem on these cruise ships are the cruise ships there there's no evidence and you don't investigate them properly. >> i wish you the best. i really do. thank you for coming on. keep the story alive. >> that is the only way people are paying attention. up next how much trouble is neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman in after he and his family told the court about his finances so he would get a low bail. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table.
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>> there's a credibility question that needs to be rehabilitated finding a way to see what they did why they did it. we will address it. now that credibility has been attacked or tarnished and they have to rehabilitate them. that is a very good lawyer. ben crump on the radio show the attorney for the martin family. he represented his client well. he is not one of these bs guys. here's how george zimmerman and his wife misrepresented their finances to the court. they take everything when they are in jail. they probably have you on video and on audio. they take one of the jail house telephone calls with his wife speaking about having $155 in the bank. when in reality they had 155,000
10:53 pm
dollars in the bank at the time. zimmerman was hiding the fact that he had a second passport that he did not turn over did not surrender to the court. shortly after shooting and killings trayvon martin. he kept that secretly locked away in a lock box. he is in miami tonight. prosecutor nice to see you. can george sglirm man be charged with perjury? is it ironic maybe they will be convicted of merge rianed acquitted of murder? >> it is very interesting. mark summed it up beautifully. it was his clients that lied. if you lie under oath you could be charged with perjury. a material fact is what are your finances? what can you fired to pay?
10:54 pm
the prosecutor went back in they figured out they did have money and he knew about the money on the web site. any time you misrepresent to the court something prior to then you have a right to revoke the bond. the judge is very stern. he said this is what you did you lied under oath and i am revoking the bond. they try to explain it away. that is up to him to try to tell the judge or convince the judge that what he did was not improper. his credibility is now tarn nished. >> would you counselor bring your client on the witness stand for a double tip. tell the truth now i am lying before and cross examination are you lying now or are you lying then? how will he dig his way out of the perjury trap? >> he is going to try to say
10:55 pm
it's a misrepresentation. i can real will i understand what they were looking for. geraldo we all know what are you saying? how do you dig yourself out of a hole. it is the judge that is making this determination. this judge has already deemed him not to be credible. he's really going going to have a hard time going into court to try to convince this judge it was some kind of misrepresentation. he doesn't really understand the questions that are being asked. >> let's put aside the long-term implications in terms of credibility and whether or not he will take the witness stand. isn't it likely he will not get bond now at least for the foreseeable future. >> the judges already revoked the bond. they can always go in, he can try to explain and the judge could let him out but increase the bond. but i think it is highly
10:56 pm
unlikely based upon the telephone conversations. this isn't just something with someone making accusations. i think they knew about the money. they have the jail phone call. it's right there and the judge got to hear them. it's my prediction i should say the judge is going to keep him in custody until this daniel brown motion comes about. >> stacy thank you very much. lovely to see you. i appreciate it. ladies and gentlemen, that is it for us tonight. i think it's ironic he has a better chance of being convicted of merperjury than he does of murder. thank you very much for watching. i will see you on the radio and social media. hope you have a great week. good night everybody. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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>> tonight on huckabee, it is dividing frens and families and neighbors . will tuesday's polarizing recall election of governorship of wisconsin be a prelude for the white house in november? and key appointments cast aside and staffers shuned and close friends snubbed. author of the book takes us inside of the obama white house . pluss, he's the man on the keys for the world's greatest rock-n-roll band. he jammed with the governor. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause]


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